Vieandsomn (vee-and-somn) means "life and sleep" and is a company dedicated to helping you experience a restorative night’s sleep through the most natural means possible.

Founder and designer Liz Gamal is a self-professed comfort lover and believer in the power of natural solutions. A beauty industry veteran, she understands the integral role skin plays in our overall health and well-being.

Born of her search for comfortable, stylish sleepwear that is also gentle on the skin, Liz’s vision for Vieandsomn took shape on one of her many visits to her husband's home country of Egypt. There she was introduced to organic farming and the life-giving benefits it cultivates.

Liz believes that small steps can add up to big change. Her mission is to reduce the amount of chemicals that permeate our daily lives, and to encourage sustainable living practices. Farm to fabric, Vieandsomn is taking steps towards bringing better health for you and for the planet.

Vieandsomn is founded on socially and ecologically responsible principles and is committed to organically grown materials; promotion of renewables and reduction of waste production; community impact; and commitment to the fair treatment of all workers.